Tools and Tips for Indie Christian Artists

Updates from McLaughlin Music Group International

This video blog was broadcast originally on Periscope then uploaded to YouTube and then shared on here! I am going to start doing this once or twice weekly to share updates, music industry tips, answer your questions, and other content. Feel free to send in your...

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Should I Sign with a Major Label or Remain Independent?

I have been asked often, “Are you anti-major label?” My answer is, “No!” I am pro-major label AND pro-indie. Even after all of the shifts in the music industry, there are still times that it is advantageous for an artist or band to sign with a major label. I did an...

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How to Sing in Front of Thousands!

To sing in front of thousands: That’s the hope of just about every Christian music artist or band, is it not? You dream about it. You visualize it. You know that God placed that desire in your heart, but yet, you just can’t seem to get that break you need. If you...

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